Cyprus Social Insurance

Self-employed persons and employed persons pay different rates of Social Insurance as outlined below:

Employed persons

  • SI contributions for employees are 15.6% of salary
    • Employee 7.8%
    • Employer pays 7.8% + Other employer’s contributions:
      • Social cohesion fund 2,0%
      • Redundancy fund 1.2%
      • Industrial training fund 0.5%*
      • Holiday fund 8%


The Contributions for self employed people are calculated as 14.6% of a pre‑determined “notional” income which varies depending upon profession or business activity.  The lowest level of “notional income” is €229 (Farmers; and similar professions; refuse collectors; workers in quarries, marine workers people responsible for provision of services and salesmen).  The highest level of notional income is €924