Opening a Cyprus Bank Account

We work with all the main banks in Cyprus.

We introduce clients to banks in order to open bank accounts for companies and individuals.  The best choice of bank for your needs will depend on different factors. Although we can not make recommendations, we can comment about what bank might suit your needs after we understand what your goals are.

Typically, we can assist in opening an account in just 1-3 days.  A full range of banking services are available, including;

  • IBAN;
  • SEPA and;
  • SWIFT payments;
  • E-banking;
  • Credit and Debit cards

Accounts with Cyprus banks also benefit from Central bank deposit guarantee scheme on funds up to 100,000 Euros.

Bank Account Process:

  1. You provide outline information to enable us to assess the application
  2. After we assess the information we send you application forms
  3. You complete application forms and arrange appropriate certification/notarisation of supporting documents
  4. You send us a scanned copy of the completed application form and supportng documents for review
  5. You return application forms together with supporting documents (see below)
  6. We submit application package to the bank
  7. few days later the account number is issued

Required Information and Documents

Required Information:
  • Full description of business activity
  • Income value per year
  • What countries will incoming funds come from
  • What countries will outgoing funds go to
  • Contact information
For a Person For a Company
Applicant Company
  • Copy of full set of company documents
Ultimate beneficial owner
  • Passport copy
  • Bank reference  letter
  • Recent residential utility bill
Shareholder, Director, Company Secretary, Account Signatory
  • Passport copy
  • Bank reference letter
  • Recent residential utility bill
  • Copy of full set of company documents
  • Board resolution
  • Passport copy, Bank reference letter, and recent residential utility bill for each director